LA_B introduces Shana Mabari

LA_B is a canvas for creativity. In cities that are built on differences and inclusion, artists actively use their talents and outlets to create culture. together we build bridges between cultures and opinions, embrace different. 
Our first artist collaboration features Shana Mabari and her work ‘Illumetric Diamond’.
 ‘Illumetric Diamond’ is one of three works that comprised her ‘Illumetric’ piece, a triptych of massive diamond-, cube-, and rectangle-shaped sculptures. It was created for the City of West Hollywood’s “Art on the Outside” public art program. She worked with legendary fabricator Jack Brogan on design concepts and was featured in a “Culture Monster” story of the Los Angeles Times reporting, “Mabari, who hails from the Fairfax district, said…that the installation is ‘a study of color, geometry, light, and scale.’


‘Artist Series 001’ features the geometric shapes and ephemeral qualities that are the defining part of her work and reinterprets its underlying principles for a new medium.


Shana Mabari is an American contemporary artist with a studio practice based in Los Angeles. Her work explores the intersections of art, science, and technology. Through sculptures, installations, and environments, Mabari investigates ways in which worldly phenomena are absorbed and processed through sensory and visual perception. She orchestrates light, reflection, color contrast, and geometry with the intent to play with the experience of physical space. 
More about Shana
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